I know exactly how you’re feeling. If you see Les Mis or Phantom of The Opera advertised one more time, you’ll give up on the theatre altogether, and start to burn them all down.

Oh right, sure, that was just me then was it?

But here’s the thing, if you’d at least admit to craving some newer theatrical talent, I could tell you that the ESB Music and Drama Society(MADSOC) have a brand new show running in the Helix.

Well I don’t care what you want, so I’m going to tell you anyway.

Bold, original, disturbing and funny; ‘Assassins’ examines the motivations of America’s four successful and five would-be presidential assassins and explores the dark side of the American Dream.

Ah, see, murder and stuff, now you’re interested. Typical.

MADSOC are going to present this critically acclaimed revue-style musical from writers Stephen Sondheim and John Weidman, to mark the end of its 30th Anniversary year.

Sondheim and Weidman take us on a nightmarish roller coaster ride through different historical periods and daringly examine success, failure and the questionable drive for power and celebrity.

Opening tonight, and running through until Saturday, you can buy tickets for Assassin’s here, and if you can avail of a concession price, you’ll get €5 off the €20 price.