"Hey there boobs, how are your boobs? Let me shake them hello." That could be the only possible conversation starter for Ashton Kutcher here. I wouldn't read too much into it Demi (although I hear you've started dating already), this has clearly been orchestrated by the film's producers. Yes, Lea Michele and Ashton are just fulfilling contractual obligations by snuggling and nuzzling up together, being led around, laugh maniacally with and mumbled at. Speaking of possible conversational content, here's one: "I'm the riiiiichest TV star in the woooooorrld."

While Lea was all front, the film's other affiliates preferred to show their posteriors, clearly communicating that this film - as suspected - is a load of bum. May I present to you the rears of Stacey Ferguson (her hubby Josh appears in the film, along with the many, maaaany others), Abigail Breslin, Christine Lakin and Sofia Vergara. Zac Efron went with another option.

Also in attendance: Michele Pfeiffer, Katherine Heigl, Hilary Swank, Ryan Seacrest, Alyssa Milano, Mark Salling, Corey Montheith, Chris Colfer, and Ludacris.

One of the film's other stars, Robert De Niro, failed to show. Funny that.