Poor Ashley Greene can't catch a break. Not only did her gaff burn down, in which one of her dogs died, but now her former neighbours are up in arms and showing her no sympathy whatsoever, accusing her of being a nightmare neighbour following the fire at her condo.

The 'Twilight Saga' actress - whose apartment in West Hollywood's Granville Towers went up in flames due to an unattended candle last Friday, is alleged to have been an 'utter nuisance' to her fellow building tenants. Neighbours are reportedly unsurprised by her tragedy and claim she caused commotion by inviting friends and fellow actors over to her condo at all hours of the day, including during the middle of the night, resulting in the people living below her having trouble sleeping.

Residents are thought to have complained to the building's manager about the star's behaviour, but nothing was done. In fact, Ashley has allegedly been invited to move back into the condo when it is renovated as she is prompt with her rent payments. The actress and two males - thought to be her brother and an unnamed boyfriend - were asleep in the condo at the time of the incident in the early hours of Friday morning.

The blaze was caused by an unattended candle setting a couch alight, which subsequently set the whole condo alight, according to the LA fire department. A source said: 'She is absolutely heartbroken. This is a terrible, terrible time and it's been a very hard situation to swallow.' Meanwhile, a 911 call reporting the incident has since been leaked in which a breathless male can be heard screaming, 'The building's on fire!'

Here's hoping she has insurance and can move the hell on from there. Seems like if you're a celeb, you're neighbours just hate you.