Or, as I said on Facebook last night - As Seen On Toilet Rims. Bit harsh, but I was a trifle miffed at the time. We'll get to that in a minute.

In case you haven't seen it, and it's easy to avoid/miss (I only knew of its existence thanks to Republic of Telly, and that's saying something given I also preview TV shows for a living), it's basically TV3 filling their remit of thrown together homegrown programming under the terms of their licence, which is fair enough. But at least try and put a few ideas of your own in? And if you're going to attempt to take the piss while covered in liquid cheese, then at least have the grace to pull it off with some flair in the absence of self-awareness or irony?

For example, if you're going to come across with ideas for Tallafornia merchandise as a segment, at least cake all the products you dump on the desk for inspection in fake tan? Or fashion luminous johnnies into the likeness of each cast member? Or dot facial expressions onto medical swabs? Or at least make the friggin' snow globe with Conor's face inside work, or, failing that, make reference to the fact it doesn't bleedin' work and that's because you've been given a budget of approximately €5 and that's going on the camera man?! 

Moving on. There I was, enduring TV3's rip off of Mail Bag Rogering Republic of Telly for my sins, and as it turns out, they aren't the only folk ASOT are attempting to emulate...

They only had Obama Slow Jammin' The News, which would've been fairly standard, had it not been week old news - and had the three of them not quoted what I wrote pretty much verbatim around the 3:20 minute mark in last night's episode (which is buried in 3Player if you care to put yourself through it.)

Given Mr. Miller (if you turn on Nova any time of the day, he's bound to be presenting) said he sourced this gem himself - and given he said ASOT grants us "the viewers the opportunity to put your favourite or least favourite TV person in their place, so if you see anything that looks odd, peculiar of just plain wrong on TV then we want to hear from you" - I'd just like to say "Hello, Marty. I presume the cheque's in the post?" Obviously failing that "a credit like what you gave Sky Sports might be nice."

Anyway, 'til next time, it's a very good night from me *winks*

(Of course I'm kidding no one; there won't be a next time, I'd rather have looped episodes of Tallafornia or reruns of Bosco rigged to my inner eyelids for all eternity).