Americ-Aye-A hah? With its sandy beaches, sky-scraper cities, and cheap electronic goods, ok, that one’s just on my mind what with Christmas coming up and all. But it’s a country that produces most of the TV and films we watch, influences what we wear, eat, listen to and talk about, yet most of us haven’t been over to “The States”.

Now that that’s sunk in, and the only thing on your mind is jetting off to pay the yanks a visit, it’s about time I tell you that Tour America is about to run their Annual Sale Day this Sunday, the 5th October.

Why is that important you may ask, well it’s because companies there will be selling stuff at ridiculously cheap prices. Cruise companies like Royal Caribbean will be there, along with hotels like Fitzpatrick’s in NYC's, basically anything you need to plan a trip will be situated within a minute's walk of each other, and they’ll literally be throwing great offers at you. Ok, maybe not literally.

Hosted in the Red Cow Moran’s Hotel, there will be at least 35 exhibitors, with lots of gifts for you and your family. There will be a children's area, and of course all the Tour America travel experts to bring you the exclusive offers of the day. In addition, they will have key guest speakers to keep you up to date with all that is travel, and to provide you with additional information on all the destinations available to book in the USA.

Doors open at 10am, admission is free, and it runs until 6pm that night.