Now we know they're nuts about football in Brazil, but this pun is a bit too literal for us.

Quentin Devine, a 'micro-artist' from Surrey has spent a great deal of his spare time carving the faces of a few of England's footballing legends into tiny Brazil nuts in the run up to the World Cup. 

Pic via The Metro

David Beckham, Paul Gascoigne, Wayne Rooney and Alan Shearer all feature, while, as Quentin himself admits, Gary Lineker was the most difficult of the faces to work on, as he had to get the ears just right. We're sure Gary is thrilled to hear that.


In total, each one took 96 hours to carve and at just around 2cm each, it was no easy task. According to The Metro, the project will feature in a series of shows about England, football and the World Cup on Dave, starting this evening at 9pm.

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