Yes, that headline is factually accurate.

We'll admit that we're not exactly up on performance art and high art in general, but this strikes us a bit... odd.

Hidle Krohne Huse, a Norwegian artist living in England, came up with an art project that involved her hanging upside from a tree for in rural Surrey.

We haven't exactly figured out the meaning behind it - maybe it's something about the futility of humanity in nature? Who knows.

As you'll see in the ELEVEN-MINUTE footage, Hilde stripped off, tied a rope around her ankle and dangled herself off it.

The initial shot was supposed to take a minute and a half. However, as Hilde explained herself, it all went pear-shaped pretty quickly.

"When I realised I’d tightened the knot, I thought, 'Oh my god Hilde, you’ve done something really stupid. Let’s try to get out of it.' I went practical, saving my breath, trying to calm down. Freaking out would not have helped."

Hidle's panicked cries could be heard by her friend, who eventually came and untangled her from the rope after twenty minutes.

Almost a year after the incident took place, Hilde still has a scar on her ankle and suffered rope burns from struggling to free herself.

She believes that her vulnerable state in the video could prompt an emotional response from viewers and has been added to the New Contemporaries Art Show in London.

Take a look. NSFW, obviously.


Via YouTube