One for the road? Sure why not. It's been gallerytastic the last few days. This red carpet event (um,  Art Of Elysium's 4th Annual 'Heaven' Charity Gala something something) took place on Saturday in L.A. and would've been gallery of the week had it not been hijacked by the Globules of Gold. In fact, the only thing letting it down was the male contingent: Gerard Butler (doesn't do it for me), David Spade, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Topher Grace...Oh and Devo.

There was an array of whimsical attire on offer, like that of Nicole Richie, Rachel Bilson, Brittany Snow, Busy Philips, Eva Mendes, and Bonnie Somerville. Camille Belle, Leighton Meester, Amber Heard, Rashida Jones, Milla Jovovich, Julia Stiles, Julia 'this hair' Styles 'doesn't suit me' and - given he was strutting the red carpet this time last year with Samantha Bullock - Jesse James went a little edgier.

And then there were those who got it wrong: Kelly Osbourne (yeah, the top's see through, but it's more swift bottle of WKD down the local rather than red carpet soiree), Jennifer Love-Hewitt (there are no words, especially regarding the pitt), Amy Smart (the spirit of Dorothy Zbornak lives), Rachel 'Mad Max Revival Enthusiast' Griffiths, Kirsten Dunst (make up too harsh, dress too confusing) and Jamie Winstone. Yep, Jamie Winstone was invited - so she pulled out her biggest pout and rolled around in creosote in celebration.