Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger headed off to Brazil to do some commentary work with French TV, so on his days off, he's been hitting the beach and working on the tan.

Working for one of the biggest football clubs in the world is a stressful job; you have to deal with the egos of rich footballers, the pressure from the board and fans giving you a hard time, so a little bit of R&R on the beach is all that you can ask for come the summer. This year, Wenger has managed to combine doing a bit of punditry with the beach holiday as he headed to Copacabana beach and got involve in a game of football with a few of the folks who were there.



One of them was even former-Real Madrid star Christian Karembeu, who looked like he was enjoying himself as much as the Arsenal man.



There's even a video of him playing a little beach foot/volleyball, and he pulls off a magnificent Robin Van Persie-esque diving header, much to the delight of the crowd.

The inevitable internet trolls are giving poor aul Arsene a hard time, as Manchester United are getting their transfer business done while he's relaxing on the beach. Of course managers have to sign the players in person with a pen for them to get anything done, which is why Louis Van Gaal has been at Old Trafford this whole time getting all that transfer stuff out of the way, he wouldn't be caught dead in Brazil for the World Cup. Oh, wait...

Main pic via Angela on Twitter