Some people really love their football clubs, and it can be a pretty huge part of their lives.

That's clearly the case for this Arsenal fan, who decided that he would make his girlfriend sit an exam based on his beloved club, and their relationship would be on the line, depending on her result of course. 

Sharing the exam on Twitter, @saskiaisabxlla showed that she clearly knows her stuff as she got an 'A' on the exam, scoring 43.5 out of a possible 50. Using red pen tro deliver his feedback, her boyfriend did point out that she needed to brush up on the positions of certain players, and why Tottenham are so hated, but overall a solid performance. 

The test has gone viral since she tweeted it yesterday, so who knows, she might even score a few tickets to the FA Cup final as a reward for such a solid performance. We wonder who she'd take with her...

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