Imagine the panic. The dress, which some have been constructing in their mind's eye since childhood, one which you have finally tracked down before your "big day", and then - suddenly - you hear on Facebook that the place you bought the dress in has closed. Let that sink in. Now imagine the panic and rage. Yes, it's just a dress, but they're just so difficult to come by!

Seemingly spurned brides concocted a plan to storm Robelle Bridal, after one 34-year-old Shirley Flanagan reportedly failed to come across with a dresses, or one that didn't quite match the one the purchase was based on. This is what happened next...

According to The Limerick Leader: "This Monday lunchtime, Ms Flanagan sent a representative to the store to meet with one bride to receive a sample dress, rather than the specific one she had ordered. A number of other brides, who were lying in wait, then stormed the store and claimed any dress that they could lay their hands on. One bride managed to flee with three dresses, as she made her way to Henry Street station to file a complaint. But none of the dresses was the one she had ordered. As the brides attempted to grab any dress the man shouted at them to “f*** off” and locked the shop again."

The brides in question had all paid in the region of €900 in "deposits" for their chosen gowns. They had allegedly been urged to pay the large sums in cash as opposed to credit card in order to receive a sizeable "discount".

A customer speaking with the paper said: "I contacted the designer of the dress [Sophia Tolli] in the UK this week. She told me that this store is not one of their stockists and hasn’t been for some time,” said one angry customer. I made my way up from Tralee this morning, after making an appointment with Shirley. She keeps making excuses. She says she’s with her solicitor and is afraid to come to the store because of death threats against her. My wedding is in September and I have no dress. I’m gutted, I’m sickened. It’s meant to be the biggest day of my life."