On the right day, with some fine weather, while nobody was online, and I faced my laptop towards Mecca at a 37 degree angle, I just about had wireless internet while living in college dorms. Looks like I should have went to Arizona State University instead.

As if we needed another reason to hate American college students, the ones who go to ASU can now live in an apartment complex with...well, everything.

To elaborate slightly, 'The District on Apache', great name, has a virtual golf course, a two-story gym, is directly across from the college(that's actually my favourite part), and has a lazy river swimming pool. Oh, and just in case you got bored from lying around in the sun, and swimming, they've put a giant TV screen beside the pool, surely for studying purposes we bet.

Oh there's study rooms and stuff for people who actually want to go to college, but come on, there's a river in your front yard, you're not going anywhere.

It's going to be extremely expensive then right? Wrong, you can get a single room for as little as $670 a month, which is actually less than DCU and UCD's own student complexes. Looks like we all went to the wrong college.

Source: Fox 10 News Pheonix