What item of clothing do you have in your wardrobe that probably every other individual in the Western world also has a version of? Jeans, that's what.

Jeans are a staple in most cool people's personal collection - they're durable, comfortable, easy to wear and c'mon, they can be downright sexy. The Diet Coke break guy doesn't wear them for nothing.

Tommy Hilfiger is king of sexy denim. He started his career selling bell-bottoms from the boot of his car and he is re-visiting iconic vintage pieces from his personal archive to celebrate the roles that denim, chambray and the colour blue have played in American sportswear. The result is a new collection True to the Blue Hilfiger Denim.

As Hilfiger is well-known for his continuous reinvention of denim and chambray, the True to the Blue Hilfiger Denim programme explores how he has evolved the materials and created the 'prep with an edge' Hilfiger look that we all know and love.

He says, “When I was 17, I started my first business with two friends...We wanted to bring cool styles from New York City to our small hometown in upstate New York. We opened a chain of stores called People’s Place and I started to experiment with denim – different washes, cuts, fits and dyes. Denim’s universal appeal fascinates me; it’s an iconic staple that can be cutting-edge, casual, sexy, or classic, and every season I look for new ways to update this timeless fabric with a fresh new twist.”

Obviously, denim is not restricted to jeans. Another wardrobe staple that will keep powering on is the denim jacket for instance, and although some closed-minded people might balk at the thought, dungarees also just keep on trucking. Not surprisingly, these pieces are gloriously represented in the new collection, alongside shirts and shorts.

So, want to win a trip to the American West Coast? Of course you do! Coincidently, Hilfiger Denim is hosting a special digital contest, inspired by the Throwback Thursday (#TBT) trend, to coincide with the collection launch. Consumers, bloggers, celebrities and digital influencers alike are urged to share their own indigo inspirations and memories by posting snaps of their most loved iconic denim imagery tagged with #ThrowbackDenim via Twitter and Instagram. The competition starts on April 17th and ends on May 9th.

Take a look at some of the men's pieces from the collection below, get inspired, get snapping and you could be off on the trip of a lifetime.