Internet sensation Hun has shocked, revolted (just look at those snaps of curry chips, mostly sauce) and had us rolling around in stitches since she first posted on Facebook in 2013 and now her exploits are being served to us in book form.

Ross O'Carroll-Kelly's complete opposite, Hun is a Northsider through-and-through. She loves a good curry chip and a night out with the girlos, sheʼll do anything for her little anglez, and she hates the nosey pass-remarkables on her estate.

Hun's scandalous adventures and...unique insights into everyday life will have readers from all backgrounds in absolute hysterics. Follow the mickey money hun in Hope Ur OK Hun as she tries to pull off the most spectacular Communion for her princess Rihanna with the help of Tiffo, her best girlo, sister Whitto, her nosey bitch of an oulʼ wan (she said it, not us) and her muppet of an ex Prik Feechurs (her words).

Hope Ur OK Hun is some of the best new humourous writing to come from Dublin and her 57,000 odd Facebook followers and thousands of likes and shares prove it. We can't wait to get our paws on this razor-sharp book chock-a-block with colourful characters - it's set to be the hit of the summer. Brace yourself!

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