Have you got what it takes to become a Legendary Irish Explorer? Sounds fun, right? Well this may be just the ticket. Heineken are set to cast one Irish person in adventure like no other.

Destination: unknown. Return date: to be revealed.

This week, Irish explorers-in-the-making, with a sense of adventure, and of a decidedly spontaneous bent, are invited to apply to be ‘Dropped’ on the ultimate global adventure. The winning applicant will find themselves in a mystery location somewhere across the globe with a plane ticket and one week to find their way home. Their adventure will be filmed as part of a global YouTube series. The road ahead is uncertain, but one thing is clear: our winner will never look at life in the same way again.

Their experience will be unscripted, their adventure challenging, their path not yet mapped. Challenges lie in wait at every corner; possible tasks could include tornado chasing, lava surfing, flying a jet or jet pack, dealing with extreme heat or cold, surviving monsoons, wrestling with hostile natives, and unwanted travel companions. They may also be asked to find roads, build bridges, fix engines, befriend big animals or race small animals. They may have their luggage removed and their sanity tested. They may also hunt… or be hunted. Heineken® will be with them every step of the way to document their progress home. The chosen person will navigate their own path home as this adventure plays out through the decisions they make.

To throw their (Indiana Jones) hats in the ring, prospective adventurers of all types are invited to an opening casting at the specially created "Dropped" Embassy in Dublin city centre, where casting will take place over two days this weekend - Friday 12th and Saturday 13th July.

Explorers Casting Call - This weekend:

Friday 12th and Saturday 13th July

6.00pm to midnight

The Dropped Embassy

58 South William St.

Dublin 2