Most of us are familiar with American Siri's dulcet tones but did you know that a local version of Apple's handsfree assistant was waiting to misunderstand and frustrate you on iOS 10?

The Irish version Siri came in with iOS last month but you may have not dug deep enough to discover her. And for now it is very much only a her as there's only a female voice option, although other regions have male options so that may change in the future.

Here's how to get her on iPhone or iPad:

First of all, navigate to your 'Settings' and scroll down to 'Siri'.

Next, scroll down to 'Language' and once in there select 'English (Ireland)' if it's not already selected.

Once this is selected you may be asked to re-activate "Hey Siri" function by running through some voice-activation demos but you should be good to go otherwise.

And now you should be all set up with Irish Siri.

If you want Siri on your macOS Sierra Macbook or Mac, simply go to 'System Preferences', then into 'Siri' and select 'Irish (Female)' from the 'Languages' dropdown menu.

She sort of sounds like Anne Doyle, which we appreciate but are also frustrated by because we can't quite place the voice and we definitely know it.

If you think you know who it is, do let us know.