The latest device that people will be queuing around the block for, the Apple Watch, looks set to start shipping in April.

There was a big hubbub made last year as Apple announced that they would be making a smartwatch, but that they didn't quite have it yet because they were working hard on it. However, now it seems that they're ready to launch the much vaunted device on the world, adding to their range of incredibly popular products.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the watch would start shipping in April, at an earnings call yesterday evening where they also revealed that they're making a whole big pile of money, which presumably will be significantly increased by the sales of the new watch.

According to The Guardian, despite the fact that we now know when it will launch, there are still questions over several issues including battery life, with some reports stating that it could be as little as a mere three hours, when displaying the clock face of the watch.

All that aside, they announced their earnings for the last quarter too, and the figures made for pleasant reading for everyone at the tech giant. The Wall Street Journal had a quick analysis of the figures, and they are fairly mind boggling. Here are some of the standout points: 

  • 74.5 million iPhones sold: That's 34,000 an hour
  • 21.4 million iPads sold
  • 5.5 millions Mac computers sold
  • Profit posted was $18 billion, up 38% on the same period last year
  • Apple shares have surged up 40% in the last year
  • Apple pay accounts for 2 out of every 3 contactless payments (as opposed to Visa Debit and similar programs from Master Card, etc.)

So, off you go to join the queue to get your watch. As you can tell they're really struggling for the cash and need your money now.

Via The Guardian/Wall Street Journal