This might be one for the more gullible Apple users out there, but a new iOS 8 hoax has claimed that you can charge your phone in the microwave.

With the release of iOS 8, a whole new wave of features have been included on the iPhone, but a viral hoax called 'Wave' is not one of them. 

The new "feature" claims that if you throw your phone in the microwave, it will charge in just a few minutes using the power of waves, and with a mocked up ad that replicates the design of many of Apple's own products, it has been getting enough attention for people to issue warnings to those who have updated to the new operating system. Says a lot about what they think of Apple users anyway...



We hardly need to inform the charming, intelligent and attractive readers of that putting your phone in the microwave is a bad idea, but a few people have already gotten in touch with Apple to tell them that the hoax is doing the rounds, while some other pranksters have gone a step further and tweeted their broken phones.



While that is also a fake (who knew that the internet was full of lies?), it probably gives a decent idea of what your device would look like if you put it in the microwave. So, to summarise: if you put your phone in the microwave, you're going to have a bad time.

If you are upgrading your iPhone to iOS 8, then we do have some legitimate information for you to read: key features to avoid on the new iOS 8 upgrade.

Via The Independent