Dr. Dre could be in line for a pretty big windfall as Apple look to buy Beats by Dre.

Already one of the richest artists in the hip-hop industry, Dr. Dre no longer makes the majority of his money from his music, but rather from his incredibly profitable headphones brand. You’re no one if you don’t have a pair, of course, all the cool kids have them anyway.

However, Apple are looking to snap up the brand in a record-breaking acquisition that would leave Dre with a fair wedge of cash to play around with. According to Forbes the deal would cost around $3.2 billion (€2.3 billion) which is not to be sneezed at, and would be Apple’s biggest ever purchase.

Dre himself would stand to make a fairly big portion of that money, given that he founded the company with Jimmy Iovine a few years back, and have moved from making headphones to making speakers as well as a music streaming service, which has obviously been doing pretty well if Apple are so keen to snap it up. With a 20-25% stake in the company, Dre could be in line for about $800 million (around €580 million) if the deal goes through. Not bad, not bad at all...