Apple even does interns better than everyone else.

It shouldn't really surprise us just how much money Apple gives to its interns seeing as it's one of the most profitable companies and brands on the planet, but these numbers are just astounding. According to Mashable, interns at Apple HQ can be rewarded with salaries up to $7,000 a month which makes about $80,000 a year if they make it that long, with a non-engineering intern getting $2,500 for a month's part-time work.

Now the hoops that interns have to jump through to get their foot in the door are extensive, with a heavy interview process and we imagine lots of background checks because the reason that Apple pays so much is that they're buying silence.

The notoriously clandestine company pays the big bucks to make sure that interns don't spill all their most valued secrets (although we guess there's probably a very intimidating non-disclosure agreement signed on entry as well), with parts of the campus locked down to certain employees and a strict no photos on site policy.

However all of this also fosters loyalty to the brand, with most interns staying on with the company thanks to the handsome paycheck. And you don't look a gift horse in the mouth, even if it's stuffed with apples.