After much speculation about the final design of the device, it looks as though there has finally been some solid information on Apple's new smartwatch.

Although many thought that it would be called iWatch, Apple have lodged a patent for a new device that's referred to as iTime (at least in the application) and shows some of the features that the device may have. 

The watch will clearly be a piece of wearable technology that can interact with a smartphone as well as tablets, but it is also able to be removed from the straps and housing and used as a portable media player, judging by the designs submitted with the patent application that Apple made to The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Pic via PC World/US Patent Office

The device will provide haptic feedback to the user, similar to an iPhone, and will allow the wearer to control the device using gestures or a flick of the wrist. The folks at Mashable believe that there's a possibility it could even be launched as soon as this Autumn. 

Pic via Mashable/US Patent Office

There are several obstacles to that happening however, as there's still some work to be completed on the device, including making sure the display (believed to be a flexible AMOLED screen) and the rest of the unit is water-resistant, as well as making a version of iOS that would work on smaller devices like the iTime. 

Via Mashable and PC World