If you've got €399 lying around to spend on a watch that you're probably gonna have to charge twice a day, the Apple Watch is for you.

However, the latest in wearable technology has been receiving a number of complaints from early adopters and app creators alike.

One such app creator's latest creation was turned by Apple for, well, we can't understand why.

The app in question turned the Apple Watch into a sort of whoopee cushion. You opened the app on your Apple Watch, push the button and voila - a fart noise comes out of the watch.

Who wouldn't want a fart noise coming from their watch? Apple, apparently.

The tech giant reportedly refused to add the app to its approved list, stating quite unequivocally that they "do not accept fart apps on Apple Watch."

Which, we think, is a travesty and miscarriage of justice.

After all, if you're dumb enough to pay that kind of money for an Apple Watch, you're going to need a fart app to console yourself with.


Via CultOfMac