After all the positive response they got from pushing U2's album on to everyone's iTunes, Apple are back with another plan to give you something you might not want. 

Earlier this year, Apple went out of their way to spend a whole big pile of money on acquiring Beats by Dre, those super cool headphones that everyone loves, and along with that deal they also got their hands on the music streaming service that the company owned. 

As part of the next iOS update in early 2015, they plan to push that streaming service to every device through iTunes, because they spent a lot of money on it and you're going to like it. According to The Guardian, it could arrive on your device as early as March, in an effort try and get Apple users to use the music streaming service and if they like it, then they may also have to use Apple Pay to fork over the sweet, sweet cash to get their subscriptions to it. 

Apple are also hoping that, through some negotiation with the music labels, they'll be able to offer their new service (which may lose the Beats name and become something that fits in with iTunes) at a lower price than Spotify, who are their main competitors. They've seen sales of music through iTunes fall in recent times and are hoping that this latest idea will help them to compete in the streaming market. 

Via The Guardian