An 'intelligence test' is exploding on Facebook due to it's claim that only people with a  'genius' IQ will understand it. 

'Share if you understand' is the tagline for the post which currently has over 3 millions shares on Facebook. 

So? Do YOU understand it? If so, then you apparently have an IQ of 150+ which is considered to be the top one per cent of the population and puts you at 'genius' level. 

However don't get too excited. The link the post goes to an evangelical ministry based in the US and there's absolutely no evidence whatsoever that the test can reliably show your IQ. 

Presh Talwalker, founder of points out that there's also no way of knowing whether the three million-plus sharers actually understood how the problem was solved, or if people simply shared it to look intelligent. So he designed this test to see if you really understood the problem. 

If 6+4= 210, then ?+??=123

You can watch the video to see if you're correct. 

Whether you understood the problem or not, it's highly unlikely that one question can accurately determine your intelligence. Most IQ tests generally consist of multiple questions, both verbal and non verbal. However if you're just looking to get one up on your mates then it might be good enough. 

Via The Independent