There's nothing like a nice cuppa tea - or two or three - to get you through the day. They're just one of those comforts in life you can't do without, right?

Well according to an etiquette expert there's a correct way to prepare tea. And I betcha hardly any of us do it.

The majority of people leave it to brew, then add milk and sugar. Afterwards you stir it altogether with a teaspoon.


Benedict Cumberbach Sherlock stirs tea



Apparently you're meant to stir the cup in straight lines from the top to the bottom of the top of your mug rather than around the cup.

The Jockey Club's etiquette expert Neil Phillips told Mirror Online: "It is about going from six to 12 very gently.

"If you're adding sugar it will allow it to dissolve properly. If you just stir it it will all fall to the bottom.

"You don’t need to do it for long, just a few goes.

"It just allows the tea and milk to blend together."

So there you have it.


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