If you want to do your (small) part to help save the planet then you should be peeing in the shower. That's according to basic mathematics anyways.

Every single time you pee, you have to flush the toilet. While the average poo needs a lot of water to help push it along its way, urine hardly needs any encouragement once the flushing begins. Therefore we're wasting an awful lot of water every time we pee. 

How much exactly? Well it's estimated that the average flush for a Western style toilet uses 6 liters of water and the average adult pees about seven times every 24 hours. Which means that all of your daily urine takes 42 liters of water to flush away. Assuming everyone urinates the same amount every day that translates to 15,330 liters of toilet water in a year. 

Now say you were to pee in the shower, you're already reducing that figure by a huge amount. By urinating in the toilet just six times a day rather than seven, your total daily figure is being cut down to 36 liters and your yearly total drops by 2,190 liters. 

Now you might say that's not really all that much but if every man, woman and child in Ireland was to adopt that policy then you'd be looking at over 10 billion liters of water saved every year. Considering water supplies around the world are running incredibly low, it might be worth our while relieving ourselves in the shower even if the thought of it turns you right off. 

Via IFLScience