In a serious case of "blink and you'll miss it, if indeed it happened in the first place", One Direction's Harry Styles has broken up with his "girlfriend " Emily Atack. Yes, "girlfriend." 

Yes, the 18-year-old X Factor 2010 star has split from the 22-year-old The Inbetweeners star according to his bandmate Louis Tomlinson (the one with the honky hoofs).

The 20-year-old let it slip during an interview that the pair were no longer dating. When asked if they were still together by The Mirror, he said: "No, no..." Wow. 

Louis also revealed, by utilising more than two words, that the Harry was the most popular with girls on their tour of America and Australasia.

He said: "Do I even need to say who? I think it would be completely and utterly unfair to single out girls in that way, or put it like that. But... if you were to put it like that, I think it would - possibly - be... Harry. Do we keep a tally? No, we do not! That's hideous."

Louis, now on a role with the words, also had this to add about The Wanted and the "rivalry": "I think it is always blown up out of proportion, the way that just because we're two boybands there's massive rivalry. But we are hoping that they'll still get on with us. Because, you know, there is potentially a spot on our arena tour for them to support us."