She's not had decent column inches in ages, so what better way to garner a bit of a attention than permitting an arbitrary 'friend' to talk about you piddling into a lunch box before flinging it ourrah vehicle?

The former glamour model has been described as "vile " (shocker) by random "pal" Jemma Henley, who claims the 35-year-old used to relieve herself in her car and often "squatted" on the ground in public.

Speaking in the new issue of Heat, Jemma said: "Katie's got no boundaries - I've seen her squat and wee on the ground. It's all just for attention - she's vile. Even when she's sober, she'll wee in a lunch box in the car and just chuck it out of the window."

She should just get fitted with a catheter, would save everyone a lot of hassle. And she could just shove a twin bagged receptacle up her top, sure no one would notice the difference.

Jemma, who lived with the star at her West Sussex home for four months in 2011 after losing her London flat, also described her as "insecure" and revealed Katie loves the "chase" when it comes to men. Because that's quite the revelation.

The brunette has previously spoken out about her adventurous sex life with second husband Alex 'Roxanne' Reid - who she wed in February 2011 and split from less than a year later - and Jemma claims she even showed friends films of their bedroom acrobatics.

She said: "Katie said all this disgusting stuff about what happened in the bedroom with Alex, and you'd think it wasn't true. But she's got videos - and whenever she's drunk, she'll show them to everyone. It's gross."

Katie married third spouse Kieran somethingorother in January last year - just two months after they met - and Jemma said they used to have sex "everywhere" but thinks the relationship won't last, adding: "I doubt it will last - she gets bored. He'll get fed up, but I think he'll put up with a lot first. I think her getting bored could be an insecurity thing - if you get bored with the way you look, you just change it. It's an addiction and adrenaline. It's the same with guys, as well, I guess."

Thanks "Jemma", you've been aces at being very forthcoming for some reason.