Was it for a hollier? Did she enjoy her Thanksgiving meal so much she had to jet into Dublin to pay O'Donoghue's another visit? Or was she recording? There's one thing sources so seem certain of, however, she didn't have Chris Brown with her. In other words, she wasn't posting pictures of them languishing in a bed surrounded by a cloud of smoke on Instagram.

According to The Irish Mail on Sunday, she jetted to Dublin late on Friday (04.01.13) where she checked in to the Merrion Hotel. She then checked herself out again yesterday morning.

Independent.ie reports: "Speculation had been rife that the singer was in Ireland for a recording session. She previously recorded the vocals to the worldwide hit 'Love The Way You Lie', in Temple Bar's Sun Studios in 2010. However, an industry source last night denied she had visited the Dublin studio and described the singer's Dublin stopover as a 'holiday visit'."

But of course, what superstar wouldn't want to visit Dublin in January? Especially when they've spent New Years in a sh*tbox like St Barts.

Chris Brown and herself spent New Years performing (i.e. 'singing', you mucky minded so-n-so) at an intimate New Year's Eve gig for guests at an African billionaire's private party in the Ivory Coast. After the gig on the Monday (31.12.12), they jumped on a waiting jet to fly to the Caribbean island of St Barts so they could celebrate in private. Brown posted a picture of himself on Instagram lying in bed under a black and white duvet. Just one hour earlier, Rihanna posted a picture under the same blanket with the caption: "Good morning! Still haven't slept lol #hello2013." They're subtle like that.

The singer also (allegedly) spent Christmas Day with Chris and they were spotted canoodling while watching the LA Lakers in action at the Staples Centre.