Anyone who's made the trip through US immigration recently will know that they're already very thorough. Well, it's about to get a bit more rigorous...

The news that Ebola has entered Europe (the first reported case of someone contracting the disease in Europe occurred in Spain this week) has many countries on high alert and doing all they can to try and ensure that the contagious disease stays outside their borders.

No surprise then that the United States has planned to up their game considerably when it comes to letting people through their immigration processes by screening them for Ebola symptoms in a plan announced by President Obama and the director of the Centers for Disease Control. 

According to Gawker, the test is described as "tough", and may be anything from a questionnaire about symptoms to having your temperature taken as part of going through US immigration. 

At the moment, around 77 people have already been stopped from travelling by similar programs designed to prevent people leaving a certain country, and it seems that one Ebola patient who made his way to Texas is facing prosecution in Liberia for lying on his questionnaire. 

Via Gawker. Main pic via Brett Levin on Flickr