Retraining and upskiling is nothing new for actors and, as we all know, showbiz is a fickle biz.

For Antonio Banderas, he's got a clear idea in his mind of what he's doing - he's heading to fashion school. To make capes. Really.

In a recent interview, the Spanish actor talked about his reasons for joining the prestigious Central St. Martins' school which trained the likes of Alexander McQueen and John Galiano. "I'm here to gain knowledge, basically," he said. "I got to a point where I've done 92 movies - I am not going to stop - I'm going to continue doing movies and producing, and I want to direct more - but there were other things in my life that I was interested in."

Fair enough, so. However, Banderas has made it clear he's trying to bring back one particular fashion accessory that's been gone for a few years. No, it's not fanny-packs. Although they apparently are making a comeback.

Capes. The kind that Zorro would wear. Really.

Banderas explained that in "Spain there are still places where there are clubs of people who love to wear capes. The shape has almost the same shape as the capote for bullfighting, in beautiful pink silk, with yellow or blue in the back."

"For me, it's actually easier than a coat, you walk into a place and you just BOOM! throw it off."

We are so ready for capes to be a thing again. Honestly, how amazing would it be to see men just walking around wearing capes like it's nothing? It'd be like being in Game of Thrones, but we all have smartphones and nobody dies from swords to the face.

We want to live in your world, Antonio Banderas.