A pastor in Indiana was up in court recently to face charges after he was arrested for groping a man in a public park. 

Pastor Gaylard Williams is a man who preaches about the "dangers of homosexuality", which might make the charges he's facing in court more difficult to explain this week after being accused of sexual battery. 

The victim was a 27-year-old man who as in a public park in the town of Seymour last Friday, where the pastor's church is located, and was parked in his car. According to the account given by him, the pastor knocked on his window and when he rolled it down, Williams reached inside, grabbed him by the testicles and asked him for oral sex. 

The victim apparently told him he was "barking up the wrong tree" and immediately called the police with a description of Williams and his licence plate number. The original charge was sexual battery, but that was later changed to battery. 

Williams claims that he simply touched the man on the shoulder and was in the park to meet a friend, but did admit when confronted by the police that he had pornography in his car which he was bringing to someone else. He was let out on bail, and will be back in court to face charges in February. 

Via Uproxx