Ant and Dec really are just sound decent lads aren't they? Having hit the top spot in the iTunes chart yesterday after Saturday's one off revival of their PJ and Duncan days, the two ever present TV presenters have announced that they're giving all the money they get off the recent success of 'Let's Get Ready To Rhumble' will go straight to Childline.

The duo are apparently 'bewildered' at the reaction from people to their performance of the admittedly cheeserific '90s track, with Ant telling Chris Evans on BBC Radio yesterday that it was never planned and just seemed like something fun to do seeing as The Big Reunion is such a hit at the moment, and that until now it's something they tried to pretend never happened. 'I've been trying to push it under the carpet! People are still buying the track, so we've just decided that any money we make out of it will be put towards Childline, as we're patrons of that.'

But after the success and reaction from last weekends show, the boys are considering hitting us with another PJ & Duncan performance this weekend saying 'We've got another show on Saturday and we might have to address it. When we recorded it, we never really thought much about it, it got to number nine. That's the one song everybody still to this day is on about, it kinda changed everything for us. I never thought we'd be performing it 19 years later on a Saturday night TV show.'

Seeing as they have thirteen other chart songs to choose from (and three albums, which we never knew existed), we're going to be surprised either way. As long as we get more terrible side-shuffling dancing we'll be happy.