The latest in a long line of Tory scandals has hit the mainstream as the two cheeky Geordies got political on last night's episode of the show where they called out Johnson directly

The English Prime Minister is currently facing the wrath of the public yet again. Leaked footage of ministers within his party sees them laughing and joking about hosting a party last December while the country was in lockdown.

Johnson and others were insistent throughout the week that a party never happened. Yet, leaked footage and rumours show that celebrations did, in fact, happen.

Johnson’s then spokesperson Allegra Stratton was seen joking at a mock press briefing. She said that the party was "was not socially distanced" and suggested passing it off as "a business meeting".

In a segment last night, Ant joked the contestants "weren’t celebrating" at a gathering. He added: "They didn’t have a party, they categorically deny any suggestions that they had a party. And this 'fictional party' definitely didn’t involve cheese and wine, or a secret Santa."

Dec then glared at the cameras and said, "Evening Prime Minister.... for now."

Shots fired.

You can watch the full clip below: