At this stage, we could basically have these stories already written and just fill in the blanks as we go along.

Last week, it was Julia Roberts and Joan Baez. This week? Quite a weird selection, in fairness. You had Matt LeBlanc, better known as Joey from Friends. You had Uzo Aduba, better known as Crazy Eyes from OITNB, comedian Chris Rock, singer Mary L Blige and a male model called Sean Opry.


Not only that, Adam Scott from Parks & Recreation was in the crowd, as was Hillary "Yes, I'm on Tinder now" Duff and Jessica Capshaw from Grey's Anatomy and being the stepdaughter of Steven Spielberg.

Look, we get that Swift has a lot of celebrity fans - or at the very least, celebrities who have children who are very big fans. But this business of bringing famous people to the stage is going into parody territory?

There's got to a Facebook page or Twitter profile out there with fake Taylor Swift / Celebrity On-Stage Combos and if there isn't, we're setting one up.