The 32-year-old Les Mis star and her 34-year-old hubby of three years - Adam Shulman - are expecting their first bundle of joy. 

Hathaway has always been quite vocal regarding her want to have a baby. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, which took place shortly after her 2012 wedding, she said: "I'm the only one... who's not a mother. I hope to join the ranks soon. I really want to have a baby." 

While Hathaway has yet to confirm the news herself, apparently a "number of sources" have confirmed the news to Us Weekly, with pictures such as the below widely circulating. 

Also, it's alleged that the actress's comedian brother - Tom Hathaway - unceremoniously announced the news during one of his gigs.

According to The Stir, he reportedly said during a gig on October 30th: "My sister got married last year, and now she is about to be a new mom! Whoops - spoiler alert, everyone! My sister is knocked up. She probably wanted to announce this herself the usual celeb way, via publicist, once she was safely past the first trimester. But surprise! ''m spilling the beans instead."