The level of feckless regard for the amount of nurturing kids require being exhibited nowadays is beyond petrifying. And we're not just making reference to certain 51-year-olds who seem intent on populating the plant via their Olympian wombs. Let's take Anna Kournikova's mother as an example.

46-year-old Alla Kournikova has been charged with child neglect after her son was found injured on the patio of her home in Florida's Palm Beach. It's alleged that the 5-year-old had "lept from a second floor balcony."

The Palm Beach Post reports: "The authorities arrived at the property at around 2.30pm, shortly after receiving a call about the child walking alone in front of the house. The boy reportedly climbed out of a balcony window and jumped from approximately 15 feet high, landing in a white stone yard. He was later treated by emergency personnel and taken to an area hospital."

So, where was his mother? Well, she sauntered home about fifteen minutes after the ambulance arrived... whereupon she claimed she "locked her son inside the house and left him alone with a phone because he did not want to run errands with her."

Hello, 46-year-old Alla. Question. Who is in charge, you the adult or your 5-year-old son? Let him scream his head off all the way to the shops. If he doesn't calm down after 15 minutes, bargain with the little fellah. You'll be AMAZED at the satisfying results a smidgen of patience and a faint glimmer of ingenuity will bring. If you just can not deal with the situation for whatever personal reason, leave him in the care of a trusted friend/family member, or failing that, a certified child minder. Or, you could just leave him locked in a house, alone, with a number of ways in which he can harm himself while you jaunt out for a spot of shopping you incomprehensibly selfish, mindless, wanton liability of an eeeeeeejit.

You may have played a part in creating a world seeded tennis player, but you're currently participating in creating a human car crash of depressing proportions. Then again, I don't have kids. So what would I know.