As part of the Queen's annual Birthday Honours list, a number of well-known actors, authors and campaigners received new titles and fancy letters at the end of their name. Angelina Jolie and Daniel Day-Lewis were knighted, so it's Dame Jolie and Sir Daniel Day-Lewis now if you please. 

Alongside Sir Daniel and Dame Jolie are bestselling author Hilary Mantel and fashion designer Zandra Rhodes, both of whom received their damehoods as part of their work for charity and services to their field. Cancer campaigner Stephen Sutton also received a posthumous knighthood for his work in raising awareness of cancer via social media. Sutton received the honour in May before his passing.

Meanwhile, Sgt. Brody AKA Damian Lewis received an OBE - Order of the British Empire - whilst Catatonia's Cerys Matthews and Torchwood's John Barrowman received MBEs. We're not entirely sure what the difference is between them. We know OBE is better than MBE. That's about it.