Manchester United went on a spending spree this summer, and they brought in plenty of players from overseas. 

While there were players from all over the world, two of the Argentine stars of the World Cup, Angel Di Maria and Marcos Rojo, are eager to fit in and get settled, and one of the key concerns will be the language barrier.

Not only do they need to get to grips with English, but they also need to get their heads around the local accents, like this guy, whose opinion is obviously very valuable and should be listened to. 

There are obviously plenty of ways to do that, between conversation classes and grammar revision, but for the Argentine pair, they've decided that you can't go wrong with a bit of Corrie.

According to The Mirror, they already have three classes a week, but they spend the evening in front of the box catching up on all the comings and goings in Weatherfield hoping it will help their conversational English. Here's hoping their first post-game interview is done in a flawless Manc accent...