Poor aul Andy Townsend doesn't have too many fans online, it would seem.

For me Clive, it's one of those polls where it may have been rigged against former Ireland international Andy Townsend, but it seems that the internet has had their say and they don't think Andy Townsend is any good at all. 

After his co-commentary on the game between Estonia and England Sunday, a lot of fans were in and around Twitter, having a go at his penchant for rattling off cliches and set phrases by the (tactics) truckload. As a result, The Independent then decided to run a poll, and by a fair margin Townsend came out on top, leaving Michael Owen to snap up second place. 

Via The Independent

According to The Independent, over 2,500 people registered votes in four-hour voting period, and the majority of them said they would switch off if they heard Andy on the box giving his views as co-commentator.

We imagine it's pretty unlikely that ITV will end up dropping Townsend though, considering that they just got some free publicity in the shape of a poll in one of the biggest newspapers in Britain and they also get huge coverage on Twitter every time he's on. It's almost as if people are so annoyed by him that they're tuning in just to get angry about it and then tweet about ITV...weird. 

Anyway, when it comes to Andy Townsend related articles, it will be hard to beat this work of genius from The Telegraph during the World Cup. "We will fight them in and around the beaches, Clive..."

Via The Independent and Who Ate All The Pies