Theresa May's "leaked footage" from inside 10 Downing Street has been released. It turns out she's just Andy Serkis' Gollum in a grey wig.

This is absolutely terrifying, yet pure gold.

We love a good parody here at Why just last week, Ariana Grande's 'Thank U, Next' got the parody treatment by James Corden and Jeff Goldblum.

And in the current political climate, we'll take anything that fires a stinging jab at Theresa May's Brexit.

Andy Serkis, best known for being a motion-capture genius, has brought his beloved 'Lord of the Rings' character back to life for one time only. Gollum/Smeagol is a character from JRR Tolkein's books that has seen the parody treatment countless times.

However, the video below features the real Andy Serkis playing the British Prime Minister who seems to be suffering from some inner turmoil recently.

We won't give anything away, but the video finishes with the words, "The People's Vote - We Wants It."

Via The New Zealand Herald.