I always thought Sophie Anderton whored herself out somewhat for numerous reality television shows, but I never thought that in the literal sense of the word... until now. In one of those "stings" by that beacon of journalistic integrity, The News of the World, a reporter was allegedly offered sex with the former model if he forked over ten grand. Anderton supposedly said "I'm great at sex. I'll look great on your f***ing arm. I'm a supermodel." Which seem like three random statements, but how and ever. She then did a copious amount of a Class-A drug and staggered about the place in just her jocks and high-heels. Sounds like my local on a Tuesday night. A spokesperson for Fake Bake, for which Anderton had worked since 2005, said: "We operate a no-tolerance policy towards drug use so feel we have been left with no alternative than to terminate Sophie's contract." Nailing people for money, however, is graaaaand.