There's no greater PR gold than a naked, middle-aged mother of two proffering a slab of chocolate cake to a geriatric. The new series of The Girls Next Door (or rather, The Girls Who've Now Scarpered Since Playboy Shares Dropped To a Dollar) kicked off with images of Pamela Anderson rubbing her pixilated baps up against Hugh Hefner on his birthday. If that weren't enough excitement for him, she then busted out a lap dance.

Not to be outdone, in the PR stakes or otherwise, Kendra Wilkinson (the one you couldn't pick out of a crowd if her hair was brown and who generally shakes her hoop at warp speed to compensate) said of Hef's birthday festivities: "We gave him chocolate body parts. We molded our body parts and gave it to him, and he ate them all. I molded my a**, so I could call it 'chocolate starfish'. It was white chocolate, and I put a dark chocolate little thing right in the middle. You'll see it on the show coming up." Thanks Kendra, I'll be GLUED to E! for the foreseeable future. And it's nice to hear not all porn stars have succumbed to 'personal' bleaching, good for you!