In yesterday's photos courtesy of WENN, Georgia Salpa resembled a leggy camel, complete with long lashes, furry ankles and two massive humps, partaking in a Xena Warrior Princess themed fancy dress party.

Today, courtesy of me taking a ropy camera phone shot of The Irish Daily Star's coverage of her bending over while entering a vehicle, she resembles the back end of someone really desperate to get any body part into a newspaper. Welcome to the realm of Jodie Marsh, Georgia.

None of the UK tabloids appear to have taken up on it, probably because it's not very attractive to see someone fingering their own gusset, but TMZ seem to appreciate her efforts. They even did a poll. Here's what they wrote:

"Kim Kardashian was NOT in London yesterday - but her Irish doppelganger was... and the girl's so hot, she gives the real Kim a run for her money. Her name's Georgia Salpa ... Ireland's premiere glamor model - and in case you're wondering about her non-Irish complexion... her dad's Greek. The 26-year-old isn't a Kim K lookalike by trade - posing yesterday outside the UK's National Television Awards - but based on these pics, she should be." 

And then they asked the burning question: who's hotter?!? Out of 79,345 votes, TMZ's audience thought Georgia was 79% was more doable.

Well done, Georgia, you've arrived. And you didn't even have to release a tape of you being urinated on by a rapper, yaaaaay!