Rumour has it that Victoria Beckham is considering housing another child for nine months as she "really wants a little girl" to pass her complexes on to - but she's put her baby plans on hold because she "doesn't want to ruin her body."

Closer Magazine reports Victoria has spent as much as £125,000 on cosmetic procedures in ten years - her most recent operation was to reduce her breast size to a B-cup so they were more "natural looking" (oranges). It has been claimed she "struggles with low self-confidence and isn't happy with her figure."

"Victoria has had laser treatment for her stretch marks plus the tummy tucks so she's not sure she wants to ruin it all again right now. David is disappointed, but there is still plenty of time. She looks incredible (in a malnourished meerkat wearing an orange filled bikini kind of way), but always seems to have more work planned. She's always been incredibly body-conscious and she's had small amounts of work done slowly so the change isn't that noticeable."

According to 'Get celebs, get real life (MY ARSE) get Closer': "Victoria has undergone two nose jobs costing £15,000, a £10,000 browlift and had two £5,000 tummy tucks (seconds) after giving birth via Caesarean section (it's called the Celebrity Special). She is also believed to have spent around £5,000 on liposuction on her thighs (?!?), £5,000 on her teeth, £15,000 on Botox injections and fillers in the past four years, and £2,500 on laser surgery to banish her post-pregnancy stretch marks. The 35-year-old star reportedly continues to go under the surgeon's knife because she wants to look her best when she is showcasing her new fashion collections.: 'Because fashions change every season, she seems to think she needs a new nip or tuck so her clothes look good. David loves her with no make-up, wearing her glasses and a dressing gown. He tells her she doesn’t need more work'."

To quote Cat Deeley (who incidentally is a presenting hit Stateside, Victoria): "I'm not cosmetically enhanced in any way and I think it's your individuality and your imperfections that people love."