Mickey Rourke is the latest celebrity to fall foul to boozing behind the wheel. Or, in his case, handlebars. According to TMZ, Rourke and an unidentified woman wandered into an LA club at 2:00am. Then, "they came back out two hours later and crossed Washington Avenue to go to his scooter. They both got on it, and he did a U-turn to go north. He was pulled over within a block. The cop says to him: 'You swerved right in front of me.' And Mickey answered: 'No, no, dude, I'm all right.'" According to the police report, Rourke asked the cop, "What the f*** did I do?!" Cops say the actor's "face" was flushed, his eyes were bloodshot and watery and his speech was slurred. "I'm not drunk, I didn't even drink that much," Rourke said, according to the report. Ahh, that's probably why he looks so glazed over with happiness here. I mean, if he's innocent, he knows he's going to get off, so of course he'd look a bit smug... Or, maybe his grand plan to inform the world that he can still pick up "unidentified" women, despite looking like Jackie Stallone by way of a musketeer, has finally come to fruition.