Well, you're an inventive and slightly warped bunch... we're exceptionally impressed. Unfortunately, this seems slightly inappropriate considering Susan Boyle was admitted to the Priory on Sunday, after graciously coming second place to Britain's Got Talent winners Diversity

It's fairly obvious this was the best result for all, given how many interviews those poor scamps have been subjected to since winning (wee Perry looks bushed *jazz hands*).

Anyway, our favourite comments included endorsements for Hoola Hoops; adoption agencies; gender reassignment; and a modified suit for a new Cadbury ad. The winner, however - especially seeing how this poor woman has been flung from obscurity to the brink of reason thanks to ridiculous media hype generated by reality TV - has to be the comment left by Eleanor.

Congratulations, Eleanor. Please confirm your postal address by emailing [email protected] and we'll send on your deserved Brown Thomas gift card post haste.