Ever wondered why so many business people are flocking to the Premier League to snap up football clubs?

It’s not just for the craic, as there can be some serious money made by the clubs if they play their cards right. The figures in this table show exactly how much money it is that can be made, and it’s a serious chunk of change.

Each team takes home an equal share of the overseas TV money and the TV deal, with the central commercial revenue also being pooled and distributed equally amongst all the teams in the league.

This year, the team that did the best out of the Premier League was Liverpool, who managed to rake in a staggering £97 million (just under €120 million), which sees them sitting atop this table, at least. The reason is that they pulled ahead of everyone else in two columns: facility fees, awarded for how many matches that are broadcast that your team appears in, and merit payments, based on where you finish.

Finishing second scooped them just under £23.5 million, while being on TV all the time ensured that all those matches brought a further £21.8 into their coffers. These figures don’t include any sponsorship deals that the club itself has signed outside the PL deals, like their deal with Dunkin Donuts, so we imagine that John W. Henry is a very happy man right now.