The Sunday Times have released the Rich List for music stars under 30 today, and yes Niall Horan is on it. The One Direction star comes in at an impressive number four earning £14 million a year along with his other One Direction buddies. Just think of the water charges he could cover in Mullingar with that?

DJ Calvin Harris comes in at second place with £30 million, which is not too surprising considering a song of his has been in the charts pretty much every week this last year.

Finally, coming in at number one is a lady we just can't wait to hear more of. Adele takes the lead with a whopping £45 million earned, and she didn't even make an album last year! Although I'd imagine a James Bond hit rakes in a steady profit.

The full Sunday Times Rich list will be published in The Sunday Times Magazine this weekend.

Here's the top ten below, it includes the joint places, which is why the numbers are all off like that....

1. Adele (£45m)

2. Calvin Harris (£30m)

3. Cheryl Cole (£16m)

4. Niall Horan(£14m)

4. Zayn Malik (£14m)

4. Liam Payne (£14m)

4. Harry Styles (£14m)

4. Louis Tomlinson (£14m)

9. Leona Lewis (£13m)

9. Marcus Mumford and Carey Mulligan (£13m)