There is only one day left in the time that was 2014, as the New Year has come around once more. Yes, Christmas is over and that's a bit of a bummer, but the start of a new year can also be exciting, a time to finally bring some well needed changes to your life and a time when you so often reasses your priorities. Long story short - we make resolutions.

A new study by Ipsos MRBI has revealed what most Irish people resolve to do after the clock strikes twelve on New Year' Eve. What is it? You know what it is - lose weight and be healthier - basically so we are all bleedin roides for the summer.

You can see more of the top results below;

1- Lose weight- 28%
2 - Get fit - 21%
3 - Give up smoking - 18%
4 - Become better with money - 7%
5 - Further their career - 4%

Turns out, we're not too bad at sticking to them either with the study also showing that 58% kept their resolution out of the 39% who made one last year. 60% of those who vowed to lose weight and be healthier claimed to have kept their promise, while 62% learned to get better with money.

On the down side though, 66% failed to give up smoking and 61% didn't drink less alcohol, but sure, God loves a trier, 'ey?